Friday, May 08, 2009

Maria Shriver promotes her new documentary "The Alzheimer's Project", offers self-test

Maria Shriver appeared on ABC Good Morning America to speak for her new documentary film, "The Alzheimer’s Project". She is reported in The San Francisco Chronicle by Justin Berton, Friday May 8, link here. She calls this the “Baby Boomer epidemic” and notes (in a Q&A) that many have had to quit their own jobs to care for parents, and this could force themselves into secondary dependency themselves, so this is a huge looming public health problem.

The ABC appearance mentioned a self-test that would indicate whether memory loss in an older person warrants attention. One item on the test is whether a person can draw the positions on a clock for a particular time.

Imaeyen IBanga has a story on ABC news about the film here and it supposed to air on HBO on May 10.

Having trouble remembering names and places may be a problem, but not if infrequent. Short term memory is an issue, but sometimes that comes from the absentmindedness of preoccupation with other matters, when it probably is not a problem.

Physical exercise may delay or prevent vascular dementia (which also causes loss of memory but is not Alzheimer’s) or Alzheimer’s itself.

Update: May 10, 2009

I have a review of the first segment of the HBO series here. I will add on to the reviews as the week continues with the remaining films.

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