Friday, May 29, 2009

Good jobs for retirees tend to emphasize "people skills"; AOL has major story today

The AOL jobs page this morning, Friday May 29, listed some categories where employers prefer older workers. They included health care, consultant, financial planner, Brand manager, and career counselor. The URL is this link. The column was called "Age Advantage Jobs."

The reasoning should be clear. Many older people prefer receiving medical care from some one closer to them in age. Some of the other fields benefit from having several decades of “life experiences.”

I think that a career switch to health care can make sense in the 40s or early 50s, but not later yet. Life insurance companies do recruit retirees as agents and will sometimes train them as financial planners, but to succeed in that business one needs to be “socially aggressive”, usually through family, to be able to make business contacts, as well as manage online presence and reputation carefully. Brand management again benefits from years of social experience. (My own experience is that sometimes financial planners can become a bit aggressive with repeated calls to get business, and insist that the client give them a hearing.) The most suitable for me of these would be consultant (especially on Internet and law problems) and career counselor (or headhunter), based on my having lived through a cultural sea change in information technology.

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