Thursday, May 14, 2009

AARP proposes followup hospital care Medicare benefit, says it will reduce costs

AARP issued a pre-emptive ("before the fact") response to the “sky is falling” report on Medicare, actually on May 12, in an article titled “Health Reform Must Lower Costs, Improve Care for People in Medicare”. The link is this.

The AARP wants to focus on preventing hospital readmissions for the same problem for the elderly, which it says happens often. For example, patients on blood thinners often have repeated bleeding problems, which could be life-threatening.

AARP wants to add or strengthen a “Medicare follow-up care benefit” which could include care in skilled nursing facilities or much more careful working with family caregivers. It would also include automation of medical records and automation of the coordination of prescriptions.

It was unclear if this benefit would be covered under Part A or Part B or might require more supplementary insurance.

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