Friday, January 02, 2009

Senior day care may be a booming business opportunity in a down economy

Gradually, more companies are offering “adult day care” and “adult day health care” for seniors who otherwise need constant assistance from caregivers. Some centers offer weekend or temporary stays called “respite care” to free up caregivers. Another important concept is to enable the caregiver to hold a regular day job, often an economic necessity. Then a caregiving pattern develops that may be familiar to parents, to drop a dependent at a day care center on the way to work and pick up the dependent at the end of the day. The day care option may be preferable to placement in permanent assisted living, which means giving up home and moving. Adult day care centers often are helpful after medical problems (like strokes or aneurysms) that may in time get better, making day care less necessary.

A typical explanatory resource is Senior Resources.

There is an e-book at a site called “Savvy Chicks” (a bizarre name) that describes senior day care as potentially an opportunity for entrepreneurs, because the demand is likely to grow so much. The posting is called “Start & Run a Profitable Senior Day Care Center,” link here.

Again, the demand for these services increases partly because of the way medical practice has evolved, particularly with the gratuitous treatments motivated by Medicare. It is medically easier to prolong life for its own sake than to prolong vitality. It is economically and socially and ethically much more desirable to be able to prolong vitality at the same time; it’s just medically much more difficult to do as things stand now, partly because of past lifestyle practices and partly because of increasing social isolation. Does the fragmentation of the family unit in western society make maintaining vitality harder? Do some people simply need more social attention from kin than others do? This sounds like a tough ethical question that we are only now starting to grasp.

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