Thursday, December 25, 2008

Teen nursing home volunteer communicates what is needed

I thought I would pass along a reference to a story on Good Morning America this morning (Christmas Day) about a 14 year old girl who volunteers in a nursing home in upstate New York. The story, “Teen Brings Pajamas, Caring to Elderly; To These Nusing Home Residents, 'Christmas Is Corissa'”, by Brian O’Keefe, has this link. The young woman refers to the fact that many of the residents’ “whole lives revolve around what is happening now” because of dementia, which may result from Alzheimers or from heart-related problems. The story says “she brings happiness to the moment.”

I did volunteer as a “baby buddy” during the HIV epidemic in the gay community in the 1980s, but the explosion of needs this time, twenty years later, takes on a totally different aspect that is very difficult to deal with.

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