Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Home health, assisted living companies are very pro-active

Here is a general note on eldercare facilities. There are a number of companies (like “A Place for Mom”) that facilitate arranging of services for the elderly or disabled, including home health visits and placement in assisted living or nursing homes.

Typically these companies are fairly pro-active. They do call back, and the associated home health or assisted living providers do referred clients back fairly quickly. Probably some commissions are involved, and a job in placing services with clients certainly requires unusual empathy and listening skills in telephone conversations. That’s well to bear in mind, as there may be more of these jobs available in the future in an economy that as a whole is shrinking. Personal care jobs (and the business associated with them) cannot be offshored or outsourced.

Many home health companies have weekly hour minimums (and minimum length visits, often four hours), but some have no minimums.

As noted yesterday, the financial health and labor supply for these industries are going to remain significant issues for those facing eldercare responsibilities. The incoming Obama administration ought to pay attention to eldercare as part of health care reform, even though custodial care is usually self-paid (or sometimes Medicaid paid).

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