Monday, December 15, 2008

AARP has stories on senior employment, unemployment

The American Association of Retired Persons has at least two major articles on senior employment and unemployment in Dec. 2008.

Cathie Gandel has a story in the print version, p 19, “May I Help You?” about the employment of seniors in retail, and that retail employers tend to like older workers because of their social skills. One person worked just as a greeter.

But Danielle Holland and Alejandra Owens have an article “Consistently Growing Number of Unemployed Workers Heightens Need For Immediate Response To Dire Economic Times”, dated Dec. 5. In 2008 workers 45 and older have seen a 55% increase in unemployment as usually counted, and workers over 55 have a 65% increase. Older workers may be perceived as “overqualified”. But as baby boomers retire, there could be sudden shortages in many niche areas of expertise, like mainframe programming. Socially, seniors in the workplace, particularly in education, can help provide a sense of historical continuity and perspective for younger people, bringing real world perspective into the classroom. The link is here.

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