Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SecureHorizons of United Health Care offers MedicareDirect

Secure Horizons of United Health Care recently did a mailing offering certain seniors. It lists the product as a MedicareDirect plan (with a service mark). The features include no additional premium beyond normal Medicare Part B, no annual deductible, no copay for a routine annual physical. The patient can choose doctors. But there is a caveat: not all doctors that the patient currently uses have to accept this coverage, except in emergencies.

I cannot find much about MedicareDirect on the web. What I do find is Medicare Advantage, discussed before, which is pretty much a replacement for Medicare plus the usual addons. For some people, Medicare Advantage, sometimes touted by sales persons from some companies, has not covered everything that Medicare would have covered.

The SecureHorizons plan for Medicare is as follows.

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