Sunday, October 12, 2008

Northern VA church presents series on eldercare and senior housing; adult child responsibilities discussed

Today I attended a Sunday school presentation on eldercare in northern Virginia.

The presenter reviewed the “Senior Housing Options” from this website. The main opportunities listed were “independent living communities” (country average $1000-$2500 a month, discussed here before; sometimes less in less populated parts of the country, sometimes regulated by HUD or local laws), assisted living (average $1800-$3500 a month), nursing homes ($4000 to $8000 a month), residential care homes ($1500-$3000 a month, like private homes), respite care (to break from a caregiver), $75-$150 a day, and home care with home health aides ($16 to $20 an hour, weekly minimums).

An alternate website is this.

I told the class that filial responsibility laws in 28 states are likely to become controversial as states, pressed by the financial crisis, might be more likely to enforce them soon, although they could meet multiple legal challenges. These laws could hit childless adults very hard, especially in families where there was sibling disagreement resulting in legal mediation. This could provide a future economic shock.

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