Saturday, September 20, 2008

Medicare Part B Premiums will remain the same

Health Day News reports that the Medicare Part B Premium will remain the same in 2009, $96.40. The premium may be higher for high-income individuals in some cases. The Part B Deductible will remain $135.

But the Part A hospital stay deductible will rise by $44 to $1068 on 2009. It is common for Medicare Supplementary policies offered by the AARP and many private companies to cover this deductible.

The Health Day link is here. There are other tricky details included in the link.

The Medicare beneficiaries gain from an auditing anomaly. The Part B trust fund was reimbursed $9.3 billion in early 2008 with funds mistakenly used by Part A.

The Washington Post carried the story online on Sept. 19, and the Sept. 20 paper has a brief summary on p A20 under the "Around the Nation" column.

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