Thursday, August 28, 2008

AHIP (an association of health care plans) has website, videos on long term care and health insurance

I received an email today from a public relations firm called Edelman, from an associate named Jenna Kozel, about the firm’s client “America’s Health Insurance Plans”, link here. AHIP is a trade association represents 1300 companies providing benefits to 200 million Americans or more, according to the association’s home page. AHIP has created an informative website “My Life, My Family” (link) with a number of items related to long term care insurance.

The features include (1) basic information on financial planning and long-term-care insurance (2) “myths and facts” concerning long term care insurance (many of which I have covered in numerous postings already) (3) a quiz (4) videos giving testimonials of individuals who have purchased insurance. The visitor should have no problem finding the internal links or navigating the site.

As a retiree myself (at 65), I thought it was interesting to be contacted by a public relations firm, even though I understand corporate America must work that way. As I wrote on my main blog today (see my profile), if you are paid to speak for the interests of someone else, you may lose the right to speak publicly your own opinions for yourself.

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