Friday, June 20, 2008

RNCentral offers communications tips for caregivers

Jessica Merritt, writing on, has a posting “50 Communications Tips for Caregivers.” The link is here. The reference was passed to me by email this morning by one of its associates. The list applies both to professional (practical) nurses and to home caregivers and family members.

Some of the tips refer to simplifying the environment, such as eliminating distractions (like television or pets) when talking to the person. Some refer to using body language. Some refer to treating the person as an adult. Other material on this topic, however (such as a PBS film on this reviewed on my TV blog in April – check my profile) suggest that the caregiver be willing to humor the person or talk in his or her own “language.”

The posting pays some attention to short term memory loss, which may occur with Alzheimer’s, natural aging, circulatory system problems, or even as a side effect sometimes of some medications.

These recommendations may be easier for someone who has chosen nursing or caregiving as a career.

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