Sunday, April 06, 2008

Going from employer/retiree health insurance to Medicare

The media reports that some seniors, especially when moving, have trouble finding physicians who will accept them as Medicare patients. Many physicians, especially specialists, do not like settling for government ceilings on their reimbursement. This seems especially interesting inasmuch as Medicare is rapidly exploding and becoming threatened with insolvency.

One problem is life-prolonging treatments, that extend life spans but don’t increase vigor, increasing the need for consumption of Medicare services.

A Washington Post story “Financial Futures: On Medicare and Scorned by Docs” by Martha M. Hamilton today April 6, 2008 in the Washington Post, Business, p F01, link here,
relates the difficulties encountered by a woman moving from the DC area to Raleigh, NC.

Persons with already established physicians (especially with those provided by corporate health plans or private retirement plans before age 65 – mine is ING, for example) typically have little trouble keeping their physicians.

I guess I’ll find out soon. I find myself postponing hernia surgery until the month Medicare starts for me, because the out-of-pocket costs should be so much lower. I actually need to do the calculations yet. (It had better not incarcerate or strangulate before then, or I’m in big trouble.) I’ll have a Part B premium, but my corporate plan converts to a prescription-drug only plan, which I’m not sure will make sense given the premium for it.

The major presidential candidates (Hillary Clinton, especially) talk relatively little about Medicare compare to the health care issues for working people.

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