Sunday, April 20, 2008

AARP/United Healthcare appear to offer reasonablly priced supplementary Medicare coverage to those turning 65

Saturday I received a mailing from the AARP which explains the Medicare Supplement plans available to AARP members. It offers a variety of plans, cafeteria style, with monthly premiums from $60 to $120 (with some lower premiums during early enrollment discount periods) from United Healthcare. Some plans offer skilled nursing care (not long term care) and even foreign travel coinsurance.

The plans seems to be guaranteed issue (without pre-existing condition exclusions) if one has turned 65 or enrolled in Part B in the past six months. One cannot have any other coinsurance programs.

As noted before (in November on the blog) Medicare coverage has many limitations, particularly in Part B, and so some deductible ($1024 in the first 60 days, $256 a day or $512 a day in days 61-90 and then after 90 until Lifetime Reserve Days are met, in Part A, as well). The supplemental plan usually covers all but the $1024. Some supplemental plans pay the $1024 deductible. On Part B it pays most of the $20 copy (after the $135 deductible).

As a whole, the plan looks more affordable that I would have expected.

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