Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sandwich generation feels increasing emotional and financial pressures from eldercare as well as childrearing

The "Sandwich" generation is in the news again, as ABC Good Morning America this morning had the story "Sandwich Generation Faces Massive Stress in Caring for Aging Parents and Kids; Social Worker Study Finds Majority Ill-Prepared but Says Help Is Available," by Kate Snow and Lara Naaman. The link is here. The story related two African American families. One was taking care of an 81 year old father with dementia; another, of a grandmother with complications of diabetes. One family had uprooted itself and moved cross continent to take care of parents.

A related earlier story from Feb.21 is "Overwhelmed by the Costs of Elder Care: Caring for Her Grandparents, Ray Payton Feels Her Financial Security Slipping Away," link here. The individual felt absolutely responsible for her grandmother's care, no matter what.

A commenter posted a long term care link that did not link, but maybe the intended link was this (National Care Planning Council).

Curiously, none of the presidential candidates are paying the attention to this issue that one would expect. Hillary, Barack, John, where are you on this?

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