Thursday, July 27, 2017

More information on senior housing, especially for LGBT, dribbles in

A couple of items to report.

Wednesday night, I attended a work and information session on LGBT seniors in Arlington VA.  The details are on my GLBT issues blog today.  There was considerable concern that outside of a few big cities, LGBT seniors feel compelled to “stay in the closet” when living in senior centers.  This is perhaps particularly common with never married women.

There was talk about a project to build communal living centers housing about 15-20 each in about ten cities.

I did not hear any extra information on requirements for HUD-subsidized senior housing which I thought would be discussed.

Furthermore I was surprised that some people there from Arlington social services were not more familiar with how landlords in conventional apartment handle qualification of seniors (June 24 and April 21 postings).

I had a chat with a realtor today, to follow up on the “strategic plans” I discussed on the “BillBoushka” blog July 5. 
I do have some more idea on how landlords of modern general market building handle senior renters.  It sounds likely many would want a year’s rent in deposit.  You would have to be careful that you could get your money back in case of a disaster and the building could not be inhabited.  More details will be coming. 

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